proud of being a digital marketer

3 Reasons for Why I am proud to be a digital marketer

As a digital marketer, I have often wondered about the “meaning” of my job. What good am I doing to my society ? My father is a doctor; grandfather is a teacher; they are touching thousands of lives. And what am I, a digital marketer, doing in this need-savvy world? Creating ads for online shops – And is that really a big deal?

Yeah, I feel it is, because of:

  • Free Content: Digital ads are fueling publishers to host free content which are consumed by billions in the world to shape their opinions. People need not be fed in by the same channel or newspaper and be myopic in their views. Information flows freely helping individuals and communities to make the right choices. Information flows more boldly supporting revolutions and dethroning.
  • Leveling the Field: Digital advertising is not just about money and muscle power. It is also the context and relevancy. This democratic flair lets small businesses showcase their products on the same page where the bigger ones show off.
  • Empowering World Class Service Delivery: If not for digital ads, you will not have gotten the best-in-class services like Facebook or Google. They would have remained as poor man’s sour grapes.

And with these reasons, I , indeed, feel proud !


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