Hello everyone. Namaste ! Namah Shivayah !

I am Subramanian. Friends call me Subbu.

Basically I am an existentialist living in the intersection of spiritual agnosticism and new age instruments like design, technology and business. Professionally a digital marketer, I am very enthusiastic about ideas and thoughts sprouting in the digital universe. I easily relate to such ideas and cultivate many in my mind-field.

This site is a medium of expression of my personal thoughts related to various topics. I intend to communicate my observations, thoughts and ideas in a very less intrusive manner and wish to hear all of your responses and comments.

After lots of iterations, I could end up with a name for this site – β€œMithabashi” viz. man of small words. I really mean it when I say that.πŸ™‚ I have blogged numerous times ending up writing verbose essays making it difficult for the readers. Here and now, I don’t wish to do that and will stick to the point.

To wrap up, I say – Brevity is the soul of wit – and that sums up everything.



Subramanian S

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