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Will We Miss the Original Journalism ?

Digital advertisements have been fueling lots of free media. Bloggers and Vloggers are ruling the social space. Home made dubs and selfies are giving traditional-media-houses a run for their money. In this context, I was thinking whether we will start missing the original true investigative journalism.

Some thoughts in that direction:


Are millennials embracing the age old journalism just as they like Facebook or Twitter ?

Sponsorship is split between the directly measurable digital media and hard-to-attribute traditional media. Can traditional media really thrive?

Print media purists may get less takers. Reading had paved its way to watching which is now replaced with seeing. (For e.g.: The live streaming app, Periscope, was named as the iPhone app of 2015 by Apple)

The above trends are very much happening and the puritan journalism may be seeing its glory fading. The strength of reporters in the newsrooms are coming down and this may be the flip side of the “glorified free content”.


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